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Comments from a few of our satisfied customers...

Zahn Builders was always on hand when needed!

Randy and Michelle

I first heard of Zahn Builders by way of showing their homes to my real estate customers.  I have been an agent, selling luxury homes, for the past 20 years.  I spoke in depth with many of the homeowners, who owned a Zahn built estate.  They were very happy with Roger Zahn, Jr. and highly recommended his company.  I knew Zahn Builders was the right choice to build my own luxury home (6,600 sq ft) in 2013.


Zahn Builders did a fantastic, quality job, at a very competitive price and in a very timely matter. The great thing about working with Roger, and his company, is that he and his staff quickly got back to us about anything we had questions on or that we needed. The best thing was that if any problem or situation arose, Roger would take care of personally. Roger stood behind all the work that his company, and their subcontractors, did on my house.  They would always make it right with 100% satisfaction.  Even a year after our house was complete; Zahn Builders was very helpful if anything was needed.


These professional traits, which Roger and Zahn Builders possess, are very hard to find in South Florida. I am glad I had found the RIGHT builder for my family’s home.

Our home turned out amazing!


I want to express my appreciation to Roger Zahn, Jr. and his team. Being in the real estate business myself, I understand the requirements of doing a good job and following through.  Roger was easy to work with, readily available when any issues cropped up and followed through on these issues to make sure I was satisfied. His product and service is superior to many of the builders I interviewed. I would work with Roger again when the opportunity arises.​

I am so satisfied with my home!


I would like to sing the praises of Zahn Builders who built a new home for me a few years ago, after knocking down my old house.
As my family is in the home building businessup North, I recognized a good builder when I saw one. 

As I know from being in the business, all new houses are not perfect. There are always a few little things that have to be tweaked after taking possession. But, Zahn Builders took care of each and every little thing that had to be done. Even now, a few years later, I have been able to call them with questions about this or that and they have always been kind enough to help me.  All in all, the attention they paid and the quality of their work and materials, in and out, have made for a very satisfied customer.

Thank you for building us a beautiful home!

We have been very happy with our home that Zahn Builders built for us! In general, we had a very good experience building our home with this company. The employees at Zahn were very nice to work with during the building process. The finish work in our home turned out very well. We were especially pleased with the drywall finish and trim work. Our home has kept us safe through several hurricanes.

Mark and Karyn

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